By Star of David
Date: 2007 Nov 08
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Scar Tissue

Sometimes I want to touch you and leave scars where finger meets skin, where lips touch life. I want to scar you with my touch and leave you burning for me, for always.
But you are still innocent and I am bitter, I am scarred. The footprints left behind by past loves show in my secret-laden eyes, they weigh heavily on my storm-filled soul.
Yes, I still wander searching for that elusive place, peace of mind; I ask for no more of life. But you, with those eyes, that touch, want so much more than lies and loss.
You speak of love, you want to make memories. But I refuse; I refuse to be a memory that brings pain when love itself has walked on by. Or life has taken over, letting precious moments fade away into nothingness.
I don’t want scars to be burnt into your soul, too. My sins are hard enough to bear, I cannot answer for you. Let me be. I will learn to let go, again. And you, you must learn to smile.
Go, go where you heart takes you. Turn away from me when it says stay. I wish you love.