By Marshall Hann
Submitted by blessed23
Date: 2007 Nov 15
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Down The Steps

Is there someone there for me
waiting in the darkness
with open arms
that hold all the warmth
that exists
in this naked universe
(cold lips kiss
in a dream I have
when I'm alone)

Is there a girl
running with dandelion seeds
in the wind
carelessly searching
for me (ME!)
and me alone
will she be brave
and move into me?

I'm a blank page,
a firefly in the mist,
I am Alpha
and Omega
The first,
and the last,
My skin is honesty
My heart is a centrifuge
So when she finds me
(I say when
not if
because I think
I would already be dead
without this hope
however barren and disparate
it may be)
Will she understand
that which is I?

Okay, so i wrote this and normally when i write i'm pretty much satisfied with it as soon as i write the last line. not so much with this one, quite a few things i'm thinking of changing, or taking out or rearranging.  thoughts are appreciated though not mandatory.