By Marshall Hann
Submitted by blessed23
Date: 2007 Nov 15
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What worth have I?
I am simply skin,
(waiting to be crushed)
noone that has met me
has any inclination
to hold me close,
I am just thoughts
(echoes in a chasm
of my own goodbyes)

So please don't go too far
without saying goodbye)
It's all away,
distance is a postcard
that bleeds what little is left inside me
and resistance is the only way, the only thing
that keeps me going
(now that you're gone)
after all these years
all I can find
is something too little to call my own
and as little as I am
I will be the same
I will still be sane
                    you won't change
                    you still dazzle
                  and shake the reality around you
                  you burn hope like a candle
                     for me,
                  the boy behind these (stupid) eyes
                  Your no miracle
                  surreal and serendipitous
                  though you may be

Gravity tries violently to pull me
towards you
and I search for the crescendo
that tells me
there is an ending
to all of this
even without you
dressed in an extravagant gown of fog,
smiling with certainty
(I am cracked and crooked
conditionally surrendering
to your prehistoric memory)
Yet still
I am earthless, I am faithless.