By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2007 Nov 30
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Who knows.

I have written a thousand poems for you.
It's a shame you may never read any of them.
I have lived the past years breathing you.
You have become an essential part of my day.
I was,I am,I will always be there for you.
Just call out my name and you'll see.
Although you don't realize what this means now,
someday I know you will.
Not a shred of love for anybody else,it's all for you.
As a matter of fact,I even hate myself...How can someone love someone THIS MUCH?! I hate that I love you..I hate that I love you so much.
I'd give you both of my eyes,my kidneys,my heart...Just be happy...Be happy.
Who knows what time will bring,who knows if we are written for each other..Who knows...I just hope that you cherish the time you spend with me NOW.
God bless you my love.