By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2007 Dec 02
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Run towards you.

forgotten places..forgotten faces...yet so familiar.
Music plays and suddenly stops in that specific moment in time.
So many faces,so many heart beats,so many souls...but yours...always stand out in a crowd.
I run towards you but in slow motion I'm stuck...and others get to you before I do..
I just want to run into your arms and curl up like a child...I just want to cuddle you like it's my last chance...I just want to be able to express myself in the right way..In powerful words,with unconditional love...To make you know how much you mean to me..To let you know that you are absolutely worth it...
Still stuck in slow motion but suddenly someone presses play...and I just run to you,we hold hands as I lean my head on your shoulder and we just smile like it was just a dream...Like we were never apart.