By Marshall Hann
Submitted by blessed23
Date: 2007 Dec 04
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Rubber Soul

Time bends
like wood
under the force of a hurricane
and I blink
to make myself blind
so i won't see
the gods of antiquity
shatter and devour
our dreams carelessly
with their pieces

I'm gone
and i'm here.
you were there
and then you were gone

Make sure
that you don't forget
to find peace in simple things
like the way a fresh snowflake feels
when it
and melts
on your face,
Smile, solutions aren't so simple
just hold tight,

I've tried to shed
the reasons
that I don't have
to be missed
I'm an allegory
for defeat
I run ahead of the years
spent pacing
in alleyways and memories
attempting however vainly,
to find truth,
so i could watch it bend like wood,
after it leaves your lips.