By CJ king
Submitted by hairdiva
Date: 2007 Dec 10
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You Already Know

i am no authority on life; indeed
Maturity doesn't seem something I aspire to
Too strongly.
And I have my moments where you'd swear that I'm a child.

But I know about the pull of the tides on your heart
And the way you feel alone among crowds
Misunderstood, among friends
And lonely, with a hundred people around.

Just making it through the next five minutes seems
Too, too much to ask.  
But ask.  And ask. And ask.
Until you get there.

And there you will be
On the other side of that feeling
With your head held high
And a deep, deep breath away...

From what you dream of.  
Oh, I know of that utterly desolate feeling
Where you feel you need somebody else to make it better
But you, only you, can get you there.

And you have to get there yourself.
Before anybody can join you.

I have it on the highest authority.