By Baby Rose
Date: 2007 Dec 11
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   I am lost....
     foraging within the shadow fields,
      black pools of ebony to be my companion
     and waves oh, blessed waves wash over me in sweet bliss,
     let me lose myself within this epiphany,
      this revelation, that love is nothing as I believed.....

    It is but a great masquerade,
     a pretty lie,
      with rose petal lips
      and flushed cheeks,
     but human hearts are composed of crushed stone
      and lusty cream,
     bitter, hardened, and temptingly sinful...

    I am unkempt and swollen,
     bruised by curiosity,
      my virgin soul buried in broken shards of glass,
     where broken clocks make no note
      and time creeps upon melted wings of wax....

    Such is this life
     and so lies my tale,
      one which shall be repeated
   in the glistening eyes of every day dreamer....