By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2008 Jan 15
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Attention to details

Funny how little stupid stuff give away such great details about a person's character,we all persue the same things in life,but it's how we get them that's different..Whether by hard work,luck or chance..We always find a way to win someone's heart.
Giving attention to the littlest things that your partner likes,keeping an eye to all details,doing whatever it takes to make them happy..No matter how small the gesture is,it has a great meaning and a big place on one's heart.
You never forget the first hand picked flower you got.
The first teddy bear hug.
The first time your eyes met.
And the way he'd do the impossible to make you laugh...
Now that's what I call true love.

-This is the last time I fall for someone who makes me feel this small-