By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2008 Jan 25
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Snow And Stars

Take a breath,
in deep,
to the bottom of your lungs
(I'm in too deep)

I'm wading in a pool of divinity
carving kisses
from the porous air
to keep my spirit company
(bricks and goodbyes
are thrown in a pile
of misunderstandings
like so much garbage:
No woman
that I have found
has a mind
made from rose petals
No woman that I have found
has a smile
that makes me weak
with its certain sincerity
No girl
that I have met
does not fall
like stars into dust)

I have so much to say
but only the silence
seems to listen
and so I plant flowers
in the snow
when it's cold enough
to freeze time
in all her vanity
(this futile habit
that I can't seem to break;
it keeps hope warm,
warm enough to stay alive)

And nothing grows
nothing sprouts
amidst the fallen blanket of snowflakes:
like bitter fallen stars
they will not allow
life here in this place