By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2008 Jan 28
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The Miracle Of Loneliness

Everyone is so quiet,
sent from above
and you are like silk
you make the air
that surrounds you
softer than the suns gentle warmth

Your lips are welcoming
(we speak too much)
but I can't find my way
to what I want to say
and your feet walk
with a genuine purpose
that I could never match
(I trip over Sincerity)

your breath is like clouds,
a sign of peace
and you are utterly ignorant
of the beauty
that you posess so firmly:

Every wrinkle
in the fabric of your being
makes me want to hold you
(How is it, that like me
you are alone)

But honestly
honesty is here
within me
yet I cannot speak,
my hands shake
when you are nere
I serenade you by stuttering
I curse
these wrinkles in my mind
that takes the words away.
My clumsy countenance
will one day take you away
(won't you come lay with me?)