By Star of David
Date: 2008 Feb 08
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That Twist In Your Smile Gives It Away

I can see that little twist in your smile though you turn away and try to hide. I’ve been there, done that; been in those shoes and tried the same tricks too many times with others who loved more than I did.
So what are you playing at? I know it’s a game, yes I do darling, you aren’t that good at it, you know. I’ve been playing it for much longer than you can even imagine.
So what’s it going to be? Make your choice and I’ll make mine. Take your time; I’ve got plenty on my hands. Until you decide, let’s twist and burn, taking turns to prolong the pleasure – and the pain – of this game we’re playing.
I can play forever. Patience has always been a virtue that is underrated by most, when in fact it’s the one thing that will let you win in the end, every time.
Play on, darling, play on. You’re no connoisseur. But I am, oh yes, I am.