By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2008 Feb 10
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As I passed by people today,I realized that each indiviual has his/her own thoughts,problems and struggles in life.
How weird is that,I read your blogs every day and it has never occured to me that there is a real face behind the screen,a real person,with real feelings..Whether happy or sad..I read them and my heart goes out to you.
A clowd of thoughts,as each person whispers his/her inner secrets,No one hears them but God,no one knows what they've suffered..They always manage to put a courageous smile on their face and encounter their demons and fears..They are warriors,they are survivors,they are the ones that make our lives better,they comfort us,when there's no one to comfort them.
They give and never expect anything in return.
So next time you frawn in someone's face,remember it won't kill you to smile..Who knows,maybe your smile would make someone's day better.