By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2008 May 14
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Hell Is A Four Letter Word

Is there a word in this world
Angel Girl
that can capture
how my heart is captivated
bu this thought,
by this hope,
of warmth;
anothers skin
sliding across
this empty body

Angel Girl
in this cold dark world,
won't you resonate mystery
and make me yours:
Emerge from that dumpster
you use now
to shield yourself
from this malicious spring storm
(I'm gonna make you mine,
and in time
twilight will make me blind)

There is a world
in this word,
this four letter word
that raises us high
into the clouds
that maimes and heals,
that shatters
yet forces to coalesce,
A word
that brings naked bodies together
in rapture
and sends tears endlessly, helplessly,
to the earth,
so don't you dare kiss and tell,
because Love, is Hell.