By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2008 Jun 17
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What happens
to a heart
that is perpetually lonely
(It's the wrong time,
the wrong place
to be lying here with you)
So tell me,
What happens to a Soul
that simply follows
what is fake
(all that it hates)

Grace is gone
It has left the space
I occupy
and I have no creed
no personal Jesus
to make footprints for me
in the sea of ashes
that now covers the earth

And the flames of this fire
flickered and flashed
feeling about
for the legs of love
and caressed her skin
with malicious joy
and I,
in temporary anxiety
looked for the safety
of darkness

you are my friend,
my companion,
the perfect symphony
(Every note
on the verge
of crushing desire)

My heart
is an echo,
jsut some random strangers reflection
barely seen
on the oceans
eerily placid surface
(So wont you say hello?)