By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2008 Jul 23
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Crawl To Keep It Together

The Silent Siren
that holds warmth and kisses
away from me
Come in,
and know
Come in,
my love

I dream,
a painters dream
and watch the colours
and emotions
stream through me
and I think
that maybe
just for a moment
I feel serenity
in all her placidity
and permanence

But my home
is quiet
and I sit alone
and there are no illusions,
no assurances now
Your kiss,
not guaranteed
to this asinine Argonaut
in the smallest boat
with the ocean swallowing me
and my insignifigance

But someday,
something is gonna shine
and move forward
on steady ground
(I will hold her
with arms of futurity
and breathe slow)

But how slow,
How slow, I move.