By Star of David
Date: 2008 Aug 21
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Drinking Vodka II

I’ve stopped smoking now
I don’t see the point anymore
And now that the drinking has begun
I thought one vice would do.
Hold on a minute. Did I say one?
Must be the vodka going to my head
Mingling with the voices that whisper
There’s more than one, love,
Way more than just one.
And so I wait, again
Minus the crutch of a cigarette
And I still drink more coffee than
Anyone in their right mind should
But then again, where am I?
Certainly not in my right mind
I haven’t been there in years
That’s a different country now
Like history, and fidelity.
But I digress. Back to the vodka.
There’ll be more on Saturday night,
I intend to drink until 6 a.m. Sunday morning
And then stand under a waterfall
With the water crashing onto my head
It’s an experience no one should miss
Grab it at every available opportunity
Trust me, it’s worth it.
Like vodka, really.
I didn’t think it’d be worth the trouble
But I know better now
About waterfalls and vodka
And yet, it hasn’t helped, still
Not with these memories
When I think I’ve finally lost it
It turns up, there it is again
And again. Damn these ghosts.
I’d shoot myself to stop the voices
But then, who’d drink the vodka?