By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2008 Sep 24
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Without Words (Nameless Stars)

This inconceivable sadness
buries what solace
I once had
and you are not here
like my stare)

and you weigh upon me
like stars
tethered to my mind
and there is nothing
I can do
but grow older
(age, perhaps,
like spring,
incandescently glowing
without mercy,
without remorse;
confounding my cognizance)

you are a virus
that purifies my senses
and mind,
you have a procilivity
to make me defenceless
(you have a name
but you should be nameless,
you are the incubus that lies
to my daydreams,
carelessly shattering my mind
and melancholy
into irretrievable shards
scattered helplessly
in the cool crisp air
of this fall night)