By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2008 Oct 04
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New Season

I have been pondering around,
Looking for a place to call home,
I have searched every land only to find myself on my own.

I was promised that silver lining at the end of the road,
But instead I have seen, spoken to and dealt with every fraud!

Life is not about rainbows, colors and butterflies,
It's about the rain drops in heavens and the tears in one's eyes.

Laughter covers the wounds that you feel,
But deep down inside them, they all know that the pain is real.

I am only a visitor enjoying my ride,
All the misery I felt I shall put aside.

I am a cast to my society, I never blend in,
In my tomb I'll be burried with my every sin.

So long my logic, so long my reason,
In the chapter of Tomorrow is a new page and season.