By farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2008 Oct 17
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King and Queen

Book of stories, pages of wonder, lines of history written with attention to details, thrown in a corner, placed on a shelf and hidden in an old book store.
Chapter of events, too many battles, too many wars, too many villains, too much to hope for. A story of one King and his lady Queen. The greatest love story centuries have ever seen. Apple of her eyes he was, with him she'd stay against the nature of laws.
Occupied the King was with his musical chores, his lady Queen awaits his new work, his voice she adores.
She loves his laugh, she loves his smiles, and for him she'd go everywhere, to any spot for miles and miles!
With his hubbly-bubbly he smokes every afternoon, he's as beautiful as the sun in the summer of June.
She loves her King with every breath, with every beat in her heart; her life began when he came into it, when he took the biggest part, with you my King my life will start.