By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2009 Feb 07
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Full stop.
Dead End.
It's over.
I always have this gloomy feeling clouding over my head whenever I am around you.
For Three years I have wished to be mistaken, to be wronged but the terror in my heart says it all.
Emotionally empty just like a metal can swirling down the road but echoes so loud.
The pain is evident of all the verbal abuse you subjected me to.
The scars of failure tattooed on my skin, written all over my face.
Embroidered sadness with the needle of lost years.
For so long I allowed myself to believe that we were one person.
For a long time I have convinced myself that it was my fault that we reached this far.
For so many years I have secretly looked in the mirror and have not liked what I've seen.
Why did you have to turn me into one of your many projects?
Couldn't you have left me with my humane feelings instead of an emotional break-down confused mass of random thoughts?
How I wish to walk to my serenity, to the path of tranquility, to find out that you are nothing but a bad dream.