By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2009 Feb 27
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Love movement

Remember the steps, on which we danced,
As Yesterday's music bumped through our veins,
Each move we made was entranced,
They could no longer hold us in chains.

Day light with music just broke,
The beats of heart re-unite
In the rhythm of love we soak,
We'd flow in this motion until night.

Wake up gorgeous from your sleep,
The dream is here to be,
The beauty of life is yours to keep,
Freedom is all your eyes will see.

Love is beautiful
Love is beautiful
Love is beautiful
We just need to appreciate

Remember the first time we held hands,
The universe looked like a better place,
Before you came, dreams were just ashes in the sand,
But now we live in internal grace.

Sunshine just follows us every where,
These faces, the smiles that just won't part,
Love is such a beautiful thing to share,
I wish we found each other from the start.

So wake up gorgeous from your sleep,
And color the world with your existence,
For with laughter the world we'll sweep,
Together we'll stand in the face of resistance.

Love is beautiful
Love is beautiful
Love is beautiful
We need to erase all the hate