By twisted_lie
Date: 2009 Mar 18
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Once there was us

Dreams, oh how I dreamt of that day
How I always thought that you were the one that would lift me up
Dreams and oh how I had my head in the clouds
I always thought of that moment over and over again
I was always sure that I wanted no other but you
I was so certain that you would always love me
But I never thought that my feelings for you would die
Dreams, oh it is always nice to float away in the land of happiness
It's only unfortunate that we have to wake up and face reality
You left me empty with no feelings in my heart
With no remorse in my soul
With no regret in my actions
I took a step away, but you ran miles
I can't live any longer in this lie
Life goes on WITH or WITHOUT you
Once there was us,
Now it's just me