By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2009 Mar 19
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Silver lining

I wait fo a sign to know that it's finaly over .

I look around for clues to back up this strange feeling,but all I ever get is a new begining to an old closure.

The ache in my heart just stopped the healing,

I always pray to God at night to give this miserable kind of relationship it's well deserved ending.

But everytime I remember the nice gestures,then starts the breaking and bending.

We were never apart,but in a way we were never together,and they always said we were birds of the same feather.

Tonight we are next to each other,but we both know how this story ends..a plain fresh new start,that's what we both want,but wouldn't dare admit it..yes we both wanted the same silver lining "FREEDOM".