By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2009 Mar 19
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Family comes first

My dad,my father..
I, the daughter,the child..
A circle of trust bounded by DNA.
Seperated from all false dilogion.
Built on unconditional love..

My dad,My father,
I,the child,the disappointment
A circle tainted by lies.
seperated by his daughter falling in love,
built on the sweetest Serendipity..

My dad,my father,
I,the child,the loner,
to our circle,I am now an outsider,
Seperated by a decesion,a choice,
Built on Haystness,

My dad,my Father,
I,the child,the daughter
To our circle I want to return,
embraced by unconditional love,
I now know that family always comes first.