By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2009 Mar 22
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Road signs

The road is getting narrower as I stand there in the fog
I stand in the road, the one that's leading us to no where, to a dead end.
Where loved ones become strangers, where vows are broken and doves have flown.
Time no longer mattered, distance was no longer an issue, and hearts have just split into two halves.
Dreams have faded in the unlimited space, to face the world alone I must stand, to give myself a chance again I should, to love again I will but how? Only God knows how..
Won't you hurry up and take me to the home we built,
Won't you stay with me, because I could really use a friendly face now?
Won't you love me forever because I'm so sick of hate?
Won't you just embrace me and protect me the darkened future?
As everything has ended, everything…just like a sunset,
People around me have disappeared,
Fuzzy hearts are now empty,
Emotions aren't as vivid with life anymore,
I don't understand, where did I go wrong?
I must've taken the wrong turn home.