By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2009 Apr 18
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I have everything yet nothing without you

I have everything yet I still want more
To greed we can't blink an eye, we can't ignore
Love is power, it feeds the heart
A graceful shower, the sweet kisses are just art.
I can't see a day without trust,
To me it's all built on it, it's a must.
That little voice in me wants to shout,
Problems pile up and start to mount.
A fool, I stand before you in denial,
When old mixes with new, I'm suddenly on trial.
On the black list I write your name,
Enough fighting and throwing the blame.
Love is power, but it softened my heart,
Every spent hour, I always pray we never part.
I have everything yet nothing without you.