By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2009 May 09
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24 Hours

I wish I could travel away with you for just one day.
To be with you for 24 hours.
To love you and not be judged.
To hug you and not be talked about.
To kiss you and not be casted out.
To want you and not be punished.
I truely love myself around you.
I love how you make me feel.
I love that I'm a saint in your eyes.
That you see innocance in my actions.
That you love the child in me.
I wish I could say all the words I want in that single day.
To get it all of off my chest.
To burst the words out loud,
To admit that I am attracted to your funny sense of humor.
And to the fact that no one has ever made me laugh this hard.
One day,24 hours and then back to our normal lives,
Where we leave it all behind.
Where we leave it all forgotten and erased.