By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2009 May 21
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Thank, Adore ,Make Every Rule

We choose to believe a certain side of a story.
We trust a certain narrator,
We anticipate a certain ending,
And between all these commas and full stops,
Another story folded in between the lines, came to life.
Call me cynical, but mine happened between briquettes.
One morning as I was going on with my day to day life,
Filled with despair as nothing was going my way,
Broken hearted, dim light of hope with scattered dreams,
And suddenly out of the blue, there he was,
I knew his kind, I've studied his kind and I've heard so much of it ,
Yet no one could've prevented what happened.
Yes I remember his first Hello,
With a smirk on his face and in a friendly voice he came up to me.
But I was on to him, I answered him roughly, he wasn't going to get to me.
It was then that a twist of fate happened, he called my name, and he knew my name,
I turned around in shock and just stared at him gob smacked, yes I was wearing that tainted smile and couldn't utter a single word, just stood there like an idiot.
He was then appointed to work with me, we became co-workers, and we worked side by side on a daily basis, occasionally we fought, but eventually became good friends.
I grew fond of him, and I got more attached to him every day, he was a father figure to me, my protector and my sunshine on a gloomy day.
He completely changed my life.
He saw the helpless little girl that I was and helped her turn into a lady,
Helped her blossom in winter and in spring and taught me to greet life with a smile, with a smirk, with a hello and big thank you.