By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2009 May 29
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Pealed skin

An egg hatches,
The shell's broken,
Truth hidden,
Until it's spoken.

Shatters are rolled down,
Vision is blocked,
You can't see the inside,
As though time has stopped.

Was it illusion?
Or memories pilled up?
Were you really there?
Or your fragrance in the dust?

A game and I am your roulette,
You throw the dice but lose the bet.
Sorry wont do it for me,dont shower me with love,
portrayed as kind,but revealed as heartless, as tough.

An eclipsed dream,
Faded in the fog,
No longer touchable,
Forever away.

And you; You represent that dream
And I; I stand in your castle of lies,
In your fortress of never-land,
In your broken promises.
Waiting for you to deliver.