By ~Harem~
Date: 2009 Jun 04
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~ Ebb Tide ~

Walking slowly on your shores
Powder soft beneath my feet
Pink talcum soothing my toes

Your waters gently lapping the edge
Like a puppy with a thirsty tongue
Licking the borders of my heart

Your sea sparkles in the sunlight
With a voice-like echo
Calling me,  teasing me,  begging me

To touch your wetness
Feeling  the cool stream of you
As you slowly consume my body

Deeper and deeper,  I enter you
Ankles deep into your realm
Your flow rising, rising, rising

As I  go,  deeper, deeper, deeper.
Warm, wet, coolness splashing my thighs
Slowly covering me, inch by inch

Chills of goosebumps thrill my skin
Cooling the fire so deep within
Surrender to your lubricating lotion

Sinking into your sea
Your waves crashing over me
Filling every part of me

Slowly, ever so slow
My body adjusting to you
Your warmth and sudden cool

Your watery surface deep
moving upward past my waist
A shaking quivering pace

Backing off from the chill
But drawn deeper still
Fingers of your sea, touching and feeling me

As I surrender my breasts to your wet embrace
Splashing  salty foam to my face
Unable to ever leave this place

Floating freely now, in your watery deep
No ground to touch,  a weightless rush
Submerged in the current of your liquid flush

Nothing to hold me back anymore
carrying me away from the distant shore
fading seaward more and more

At mercy to your drawing tide  
The pulling and soothing dragging  inside
Your thrusts propell me deeper to you

The ebb and flow as you tug at my heart
Dragging me willingly into you
There's no returning now, from whence I came

The shore, no longer in my view
No longer just me, but part of you
Drowning me into your substance

Gone,  lost  at  sea
Never to return....
Ebb Tide