By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2009 Jun 09
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Ali Betrayol

Grow up already, stop acting so childish
I paid the fee and had a taste of that dish
So no thank you, you had your chance,
I know how you'll be; of the future I had a glance.
It saddens me that you will never know, how much I really cared,
I just kept it to myself, I wouldn't show, I was helpless and scared,
I want to cry, but my tears are all dried up,
Betrayal, yes I had a sip of that cup,
So emotionless, so numb,
You act smart, but your plain dumb.
We could've been great,
But for us to part, that was our fate.
Good bye my sleepless nights,
Hello peace of mind.