By RebeccaBeth_88
Date: 2009 Jun 10
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Written in the Water

Curled up against the wall,
Raining outside,
I hold my breath just to feel you.
You're on my skin,
Brushing my face,
Soaking my clothes,
Caressing my hair.
My lips taste you,
And are not satisfied.
I tilt my head to the sky for more
Of you.

You gather in pools at my feet
And my thighs.
My fingertips graze your surface,
And I see
The ledge I'm ready to leap off of,
The deep I'm ready to be lost in.
I search for your heart,
I long for your love,
I breathe for your essence,
And I'll stay,
Forever in the rain,
Curled against the wall.

You're written in the water.