By musicalduck
Date: 2009 Jun 29
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Dating History

My dating history isn't long or wide. But I do have a varied assortment of guys.
Like the one who was my first kiss. Funny and thinking he was bad ass. Yeah, he still lives with his parents and is unemployed. Or the one that stalked me when I tried to break up with him. You don't win a girl back by leaving a dead bird on her door step. Or the one that cheated on me and I took back. You dumped me because of the past I had. And of course there was the guy that I dated as rebound. Funny, smart, alcoholic. We really could have had something if he didn't cheat on me every weekend. Then there is you. What do I even say? Funny, smart, adventurous, logical, reliable, amazing. So I'm blown away when I get a text tonight telling me we need to talk about your future. Not ours, but your. Am I not included in this? Are you just one more to add to the dating history?