By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2009 Jul 15
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Why do we allow people to make us feel like we are nothing?
Make us feel so small when we could be giants?!
Is it weakness to love them more than you love yourself?
Because that's weakness to them..
They don't realize it now,but we are their backbone,when all fails,we soften their fall,we ease up their pain,we,yes us and by our own will,we choose to put them as a priority in our lives.
But still,it's foolishness when we remember the times we've watched them pull away and dirft apart from the palm of our hands,the many times we waited for someone to knock back some sense into their hard heads and cold hearts,before it's too late,before they regret it,before they realize that we were truely the thing holding them together.
That we are not the weak ones,rather the supportive ones.
Yes,all in thin air the pages of history..
Nothing to them,but we know we are somebody.