By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2009 Jul 30
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Twists and turns of Fate

Every passing day brings with it a minor detail of change,
We don't feel it at first, but as days go by we start to notice the difference in our behaviors, in our styles, in our way of thinking. It all evolutes as life progresses.
It never occurred to me that along this change I could possibly love someone any less or hate them even more, but then again feelings are a very complex issue.
At one time I loved you more with each waking sun and each breaking dawn , it was not an option to adore you any less, it was all positive change, it was all for you,
But when the tables turned, you decided to feed the distance between us, your feelings ran cheap towards me, and eventually waved goodbye as you loved me less each day.
Still in all these unfortunate events change have brought, I kept a positive outlook on life  as I do understand that everything happens for a reason, and I do believe that I deserve better, and the best is yet to come, so thank you for not letting me settle for the second best.