By jujujujuju-ga
Submitted by Edmundo Daudi
Date: 2009 Sep 09
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La Vie En Rose

Eyes that make me lower mine.
A laugh that dissipates on his lips
This is the unretouched portrait
Of the man to whom I belong.

When he takes me in his arms
He speaks to me softly
And life seems perfect to me
He utters words of love to me
Everyday words
And it touches me inside

He has brought a bit
of happiness into my heart
And I know the cause.

It's him for me, me for him, all our lives
He told me so, swore it, for all our lives

And the moment I laid eyes on him
Right then I felt inside me
My beating heart.

Nights of love that never end
A great joy takes hold
Annoyances and sorrows disappear
Happy, so happy I could die.