By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2009 Sep 09
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School of love

Funny how heart breaks force us to grow and teach us how to survive, we are all students of that flow.
We have all attended the many lectures of aching beats, of amour's pain and of the rebound state.
Love has taught us how hard to break and how loud to echo, but never was there a reference on the recovery road we should follow, They never explained the time it takes for you to heal from your first fall, they don’t mention the tools you should use to get back in the game. Personally all that I have learned about love, is that all in love is fair, sometimes I won, sometimes I lost, but that's just the beauty of it, the more I lose, the closer I am to home, you see every time I lose the battle, it only assures me that I will win the war, that every bad experience in my life will come out with beautiful seeds, with a garden of flowers, knowing that there is someone out there for me, eager to meet me just as I am eager to meet him. So, yes! Love is beautiful, I hope I never fall out of it.