By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2009 Sep 10
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We make our own endings

He told her: "Are you really going to let these silly things stand in the way of something that could be so great??" She just smiled and said nothing, but he knew what she meant, still he was not going to give up hope on her.
She was always the hesitant kind of girl, the kind that took life too seriously, and was always afraid to take any drastic changes. Yes; she'd go through the day miserably knowing that she has options yet wouldn't dare walk down a different lane.
A few weeks later, she runs into him again, with great confidence he heads towards her, the universe stops, yet at the same time everything was moving unbelievably fast!
Trying to escape his fierce eyes but they followed her every move, until they caught up to her, he smiles and says:" Don't you ever get tired running away from the inevitable? Aren't you ever going to surrender to the fact that you were always written in the skies to be mine? Because you are mine and I will chase after you to the end of this lifetime, the second, and the third and for infinity if that's what it takes..."
She tilts her head and looks at him with great astonishment and says: " Why me? Why did you pick me? Why when you could have the most beautiful girl in the world, the most intelligent? The funniest? The most caring?? Why did you choose me out of the many girls you know? I am but a normal girl, trying to find little happiness in this heart of mine, so kindly I ask you not to talk so sweetly to me, not to tell me all the nice things that every girl would love to hear, not to pretend like you care, as we both know, you wouldn’t give me the time of the day later, let me be, for you will only break my heart in the last chapter of this story."
As she walks away, he shouts and says:" You are everything but a normal girl, you are outstanding! ". She stops but doesn’t turn around, he carries on and says:" You ask me why do I love you? I love you for the many smiles you drew on my face, for the many times I ran into you on a cloudy day and by magic your smile would kiss the rain away, I love you for the way you make me feel each coming day, I love you for so many reasons that I feel like I owe you my life, for you have made it ten thousand times better, ten thousand times worthwhile.." She turns around but doesn’t utter a single word, he walks two steps closer towards her and whispers:" You say you are not the most beautiful but for me you are Gorgeous as delicate as a flower, you say you are not the most intelligent ,but for me you are the smartest person I've ever come across, you challenge me and I love to be challenged, you keep things interesting, You say you are not the funniest, but for me, my life with you is like a sweet romantic comedy, I've never seen anyone run away when they see me this fast or shy away the way you do, or brighten up a room with this radiant smile the way yours does. You claim you are not the most caring, when in fact you own the biggest heart I've ever seen, you are far from selfish.  
You say I will break you heart, but truth of the matter is that you broke mine ages ago, you broke it every time you drifted further away from me, every time I was hoping to run into you and end up disappointed and not seeing you for an entire whole day, when a passing moment would've been a heaven sent!. You broke my heart all the times you deprived the world of your smile. I do speak these words from my heart; because you force these kinds of feelings to come out, I am neither romantic nor am I the best person you will come across, I am simply a human being with certain feelings, trying to win the heart of the girl I've always loved. I don't promise you a life in "la la land", but I promise that I will support you in whatever life has to offer in its ups and downs, I will be yours and only yours, faithful to your eyes, as mine will only see yours, I will be honest even when the truth is so hard to hear, I will be your backbone as I am now. All I ask of you is a chance; all I want of you is for you to love me, because I need your existence in my life, without it life will be shallow and meaningless, all I ask of you is not to break my heart one more time."
At that point she smiled, and this time he knew exactly what she meant and smiled back. No longer hesitant, she finally pursued the road to happiness.