By ~Harem~
Date: 2009 Sep 21
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A Reason to Love DARKNESS

Clouds of pink pudding
slide over the sky.
As sunset's sweet melody
kisses daylight goodbye

Pitch darkness of night,
follows twilight's charade.
Where stars and the moon
held lover's parade.

Sweethearts delight
in the long sultry night.
Entwined in love's passion,
lost in the flight.

Mortals lie helpless
in slumbering sleep.
Insomnia victims
lie counting their sheep.

Slowly the blackness
gives way to the gray.
Dawn's early light
chases moonbeams away.

Rays of the sun
peek over the shore.
Joining the warmth
from earth's molten core.

Melting the ice
of winter's embrace.
Heating the pool
of summer's bright face.

Slumbering children
rise from its  depth.
Stirring  with  light  
from sun's solar breath.

Babbling brooks
take a turn to the right.
Flowers are dancing
to rhythm of light.

I bathe in the sunshine,
I swim in the rain.
Sing with the morning,  
hum nighttime's refrain.

The Darkness of night,  
fills my senses delight.
As much as the beauty
of dawn's early light.

Evenings warm glow,  
A radiant hue
A reason to love darkness,
I spend it with you.