By Jane Rain
Date: 2009 Nov 12
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Here and Again

i lie awake
my heart pounding
to escape
the body's prison
my mind's on guard
keeping me in check
avoiding disaster
to an extent
i am not fine
but to understand
a mission impossible
seems to be
another night
with no one here
i am left with nothing
aside from sleeplessness
underlying ache
defining my cycle
never ending thoughts
cease my judgment
until i do not know
but i am still here
ignoring reality
sinking in
bipolar thoughts
predictable actions
speak louder sometimes
he says things
i will not forget
to hold on
for dear life
i wish to never forget
those moments
not in vain
days pass by
with nothing to prove
he will be back
in a few years
i might fade
away i drift
sleep pulling me under
and over again
my thoughts come
full circle
full stop