By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2009 Nov 24
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*Poking eyes*

Karma, what goes around comes around and what goes up must come down, an eye for an eye, expressions and words that we often hear, words that definitely grab your attention and wake your every senses. Though, how true are they?
Let's picture life as a large scale; on the right you've got the good deeds; the things you've done to help others, the selfless beautiful delicate side of every human being, the side that sheds light on the heroic actions you've taken, the side that holds this halo into the sun and makes it look even brighter in the eyes of others.
But just like Karma; what goes up must come down and every right has its "wrong". In this case I present you with the "left" side of the scale.
As you walk along this road you will see a mountain of dust and yes believe it or not, these are actually your ugly doings; the people you hurt while you were too busy trying to be someone, a ladder that you climbed on the expense of others, a road that's made of ashes and temporary gold, and you my friend are seen as the villain on this side, as the worst in each beating human is being projected before our eyes.

The daily ongoing conflict between right and wrong takes its natural course in life as to restore the lost balance.
A suggestion: Next time you do something to anyone, make sure it's nice; send a flower and you might get a garden or you might just get the thorns, it all depends on your intuition; you will get as much as you give and give as much as you seek.
Each shall get what he/she deserves for as they say: "an eye for an eye," the apple of my eye.
Change starts with YOU.