By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2009 Dec 05
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The day music died

Funny how many days have passed, how many suns have risen, how many moons have slept, how many times has it  rained and still promises they echo in those empty deserts, and the lines said  fly along with the golden sands in the ever so foggy sky.

The same song, the never changing lullaby, the music that plays on and on with the same floating notes, the same humming voice, the guitar strings that dance in sadness, they ask not for remorse, they speak not of regret, they say the words of burden; the guilt that wants to be set free.

And days have died while others were born, a new sun to shine, a new moon after dawn, a universe ever so quiet, skies ever so peaceful, and no trace to promises, no record to words, and no sad melody in the playing, a burden shifted and forgiveness granted, a world free of guilt all on the expense of a heart.

That day the taste of food was better, vision became clearer, the world looked like an adventure all over again, everything became more exciting and full of opportunities, I saw the world with new eyes and lived after I died a thousand times;
A breeze of fresh air, a colorful sky and a sunny day, what more can one ask for?
It might have taken me a while to get there, but life as I once knew it has all changed,
It's all grown up now; the roads on which I will set my first steps as an adult graduate in this life are already paved.
Flowers on the sides, tulips of every color, I choose to live in peace and keep my sanity where music doesn’t hurt, where words don't cut, I'm walking down a silent road for once; a road where music has died, where it never existed.