By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2009 Dec 09
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In your sun

I wasn't looking when you found me.
I wasn't paying attention when you were.
I didn’t take notice when I should've been.
I remember every single word you said to me that day, you told me what will happen next, you explained that it was just a phase with him as you promised me the sun, but I refused to believe you.
My selective hearing stopped me from hearing the truth, I chose to believe the lies that I well knit through the years, and of course I convinced myself that it was the "Real thing" ,when deep down inside I damn well knew that it wasn't even slightly close to reality .
Two years have passed, you and I were still in touch, and we become the best of friends, your prophecy was fulfilled; my worst nightmare wasn't just a bad dream, but you never rubbed it in my face and said:" I told you so!" instead you walked me through it all step by step, you never parted me for a second and you always assured me that I'll be alright.
It was after that, that I started paying more attention to the things you always wanted to shed light on "my feelings".
And the more I took notice of these feelings I found "love".
I wasn't looking when you found me and now I found beauty in your friendship, warmth in your sun and royalty in your love.
I remember every single word you said to me that day, and I'm so glad I do, because you know what? I fell in love with you too!