By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2009 Dec 12
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Heart into hearts

Dear Tambi,

I'm not a strong person, but you always give me strength; you lend me a helping hand, a smile when I feel down, a hug when I need to be held, the point I'm trying to emphasis is that you are always there, you never leave, even when I want to be left alone,
You are always there to love and support me.
I love you so much, so much I hope the whole world would understand the greatness of your power over me!
How you healed a heart that was ever so broken, cared for me, cuddled me, hugged me and accepted me for who I am.
So many words of gratitude to say to you, written on so many pages that you may or may never read, or at least until I can repay your acts of kindness, of love and acceptance.

One day you will find out, one day you will find out, you will discover how I truly feel about you, how madly I am in love, how head over heels I am for you.

I love for not trying to fix me, but for embracing me with my mistakes and faults, I really do love you.

yours truly,

Kalbuz <3