By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2009 Dec 20
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Solar system

Believe in me, said a falling star to the sun, as it's dust danced all over the open space.
Believe that I serve a certain purpose in this life; it may not have a great affect like yours, I may not light up a room with my smile, but I can sure make this dim prettier with my twilight.
I may not dazzle the eyes like you but I'm up there to please the eyes too.
Are you the daughter of our pale moon? Asked the sun.

I have no parents ma'am, but I was blessed with so many sisters and brothers hanging next to me in this darkly ever so lonely sky, replied our stardust. However every night we hold hands and make a prayer as we embrace earth and frost it with our necklace shaped hug.

The sun with great astonishment: My! But what good comes out of it?? For instance my rays give warmth and growth, but little helpless star? What difference do you make?

After what seemed to be a long pause, the star smiled and said the following:

We, the stars, are beauty to the eyes. We are stories untold and yet other still undiscovered.
What people see from down there, are brothers and sisters I've lost up here, down there, they still sparkle and shine, when up here they disappeared centuries ago and with them there stories are lost too. In that we teach people "FAITH".

Every night we are mentioned, we are the lullaby that mother's sing to their babies before they sleep, we give the comfort in knowing that we are young too, and that we are aware that our light will be turned off from the sky one day, yet from down there people would still see us and know that we existed, thus we represent hope for the future, the fact that no matter how big or small you do, you would still be remembered and loved. So we are the stone of "CONFIDENCE".

Last but not least they call us shooting stars or moreover and even better falling stars because we are not afraid to try, failure is just a word, we are not intimidated by it, because we know that after any failure there is great success, so when we fall we fall hard and when we shine, we shine strong . Having this said we teach them "SURVIVAL".

Do you think they'll ever look at the sky the same way they did? Asked the glittering star.

I doubt they will ,answered the sun as it set.

Never underestimate people, never judge a book by its cover, because if we do, we wouldn’t have the time to love each other.
You are all stars in my sky and I love each and every one of you.