By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2009 Dec 21
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In this frozen river
of melancholy
I mend another broken bone
and send another loose thought home
I bend myself
only to break

It feels like I've been asleep
for too many months
of this year
letting my eyes be pulled shut
by heavy thoughts
and tired inadequacies
(I'm perpetually reluctant,
constantly swept away
by the force
of my own desire)

isolation dissolves
every word I spoke,
still I hunger for something more
than what I have found
but all I seem to see
in the innumerable faces
is echoes and shame,
hidden as best they can

I cannot believe this
I find in you
something substantial
and concrete
something that doesn't end
(you gracefully bend towards
then away
from me
like a tree
in the fickle wind)
you are beautifully imperfect
and I don't know what to do
with you

there is reason
to stand tall
and reason
to fall to the earth
in tomorrow
we'll carry on
to a way out
and bury what we're worth
(bury it
beneath the weight
of our own inadequacies)