By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2009 Dec 30
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Year 2009

Quiet a year it has been! Many ups and downs, a lot of surprises around the corner, so much like a rollercoaster, the ride that you didn't want to take at first but then were so pleased that you have!

A series that started off with a great opening, leaving everybody anticipated to see how it all ends.
The script has been changed to what pleases the audience, the roles have been edited a countless number of times and the actors have been replaced or changed or simply fired. On the other hand many were added to spice up the finale and to increase the level of suspense of the viewers.  

I can't say I loved 2009, and I certainly haven't enjoyed every passing minute of it, but I am definitely grateful for so many things that have happened as they have opened up my eyes on the harsh reality of the world, and softened up my heart.

I lost the friendship of some, yet gained the trust and love of others.
Been stabbed in the back, lied to as though I was the enemy, when their enemy was nothing but bad influence and fading company.

Been saved, healed and nurtured just the way people love being spoiled and pampered as though I wished on a star and for once it actually came true!

Every single experience I've been through was a beautiful journey that made me even more determined that love knows no boundaries. That love is my new faith.

2009 was a bliss in disguise.
It wasn't all about disappointments; there were also happy moments and unexpected visitors.
Priceless treasures and findings, whether good or bad, forever buried in one's memories and ones that will live for eternity and carry on in the years to come.
Discoveries about different mentalities, as my vision saw beyond shallow; what seemed sharp on the edges was really mellow on the inside, and what seemed pleasant to the eyes turned out to be ugly at heart.
The lessons learned were pierced to my soul, as a reminder to never fully trust someone but to not completely lose faith in others.

Moreover I feel like I owe 2009 a big thank you and a smile for showing me that there are many colors in a rainbow, when there were days I saw life only in black and white.

My wishes for you in 2010:
-To not have any unfinished business from 2009
-To forgive those who hurt you, because once you do that, they have no power over you.
-To love like you've never loved before, because you deserve it.
-To always be honest, most importantly to yourself, because if you hurt yourself, you'd easily hurt others.
-To take good care of your health, because no one will do it for you!
- Live your life to the fullest and surround yourself by loved ones, because we only live once, you might as well live it right.

Have yourself a marvelous 2010 and wave goodbye to your yesterdays where suspense for the unknown makes life more interesting and love for the future makes it worth living!