By wordley
Date: 2010 Jan 10
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If I lose my eyes

If I lose my eyes, would you be any less beautiful to me?
That I could not see you would not change the way I feel
Nor alter the way you fit inside my inner heart's lee
Where you are kept safe sadness's cruel ordeal;
Two useless orbs of tissue cannot capture all that is you,
When working they saw only relected light, a part
Of the greater goodness that fills my soul, and through
All time I shall know the essence of you sweetheart;
In my mind I carry your image, that will never fade,
Or grow older with each passing year, as we tend to
My hands will always know your softness, played
With those parts that give pleasure to you my true
Love of my life, who fills everyday with joy and passion,
Who lets me rest safe and repleat between softest thighs
For this is the woman who loves me, as is her fashion
Who would never change, even if I lose my eyes...