By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2010 Mar 25
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I treat you the way I am being treated,
I bet you now know what it feels like to be defeated.

I call you up but you hang up in my face,
"I'm out of credit" isn't that always your case?

"Where are you" I go ahead and ask,
"out with the guys?" The answers you lack.

love container and you are my fuel,
I promised to always love you,
My heart belongs to you,you fool!

Dancing stars,they twinkle for us in the sky,
but as they fall,they burn me and the flames go high.

I thought your love was mine,that this was it,
But like lightening strikes,they sky it lit,
you were only a bridge to another heart shaped cloud,
but you will always remain special to me and not just one in a crowd.

your voice when you smiled I will always remember,
and when we walked hand in hand in the rain of December.

I will cherish these days and moments forever,
For you are my Chatsi today,tomorrow and whatever.